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ESG ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. ESG criteria are an increasingly popular way for investors to evaluate companies in which they might want to invest. We offer our services in Strategy,Implementation, Audit and Reporting.

Mergers and AcquisitionsToday, businesses are merged and/or acquired for strategic advantage; be it taxation, scale or market dominance. We lend our expertise in conducting due diligence of the target company and completion of formalities for mergers and acquisitions.

BUSINESS VALUATIONOnce due diligence is completed, we assist the company in valuation of the business. We specialize in DCF valuation of entities as required under various statutes.

HANDHOLDING FOR FOREIGN COMPANIES TO SET UP BUSINESS IN INDIACompliance with tax and other laws is a daunting task for foreign companies planning to set up business in India. We advise on location, tax efficiency, structure and start up procedures.

INCOME TAX Tax practice is the mainstay of our professional practice with thousands of hours of expertise in compliance, filing and representation.

GOODS AND SERVICE TAXThe rapidly expanding field of GST has received our full attention with specific teams to look at the impact of GST and engaging with clients and tax authorities to ensure seamless compliance with existing laws.

FOREIGN EXCHANGE MANAGEMENT ACTWith substantial experience in inbound and outbound forex flow guidelines, both on revenue and capital account, we guide clients through the regulatory and compliance framework of Indian foreign exchange laws.

CORPORATE LAWS Navigate the minefield of complex corporate laws with our dedicated experts in corporate laws, ensure due diligence and compliance.

JOINT VENTURES AND COLLABORATIONS There is a rapid increase in joint ventures between Indian and Non-Resident businesses. We offer help in establishing a framework for such businesses, including drafting of JV agreements, technical collaboration agreements, share sale agreements and handholding the business to commencement of operations.

INTERNAL AND SYSTEMS AUDIT A robust internal audit system is a key requirement in today's rapidly growing businesses. With specific focus on risk containment, internal control, cost control and devising robust business practices, we help customers grow.

STATUTORY AUDIT A strong statutory audit wing is an integral part of our practice with special expertise in corporate laws and tax laws.

BANK AUDIT Bank assurance services form a significant part of our portfolio with some of India's leading banks as our clients.

STOCK AUDITS FOR BANKS AND COMPANIES Assurance services in Current and Fixed Assets with the ability to carry out assignments across multiple locations is our unique strength.

CUSTOMS DUTY Business entities in manufacture and export and import of goods require compliance with Customs regulations. We assist clients in ensuring compliance with these statutes.

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